Feeling sicker

I woke up feeling great but it didn’t last. The last few minutes of therapy I was feeling like I do now, lightheaded and sleepy. I think it is because of spinal fluid buildup. If I feel this way tomorrow, I am going to call the surgeon. It is an awful feeling. It is almost like syncope. Blood pressure has been stable though. I’ve been checking it and I have no temp. I just feel like crap.

Therapy went well. She helped give me some things to help control the boredom as I am not on social media that much due to present circumstances. I going to do somethings but I started feeling ill. I ended up taking a nap and just as I was drifting off, back pain increased. I still am hurting. I made my breakfast and took a shower so I am paying for it. Here it is hours later and I am still hurting. I cave in and took a zanaflex. It is the only thing I can think of to settle down the cramping. I’ve been trying to increase fluids but I am not that thirsty. So many things to keep track of. I had cereal for supper because I can’t cook right now. It would only increase my pain.

I want to change my sheets. Going to work on that tomorrow after I get my haircut. I am so excited to finally get it cut. I just hope my barber hasn’t increased the price because of the pandemic. He has been out of work for 3 months or so. Long time. He does a good job though so I think he will be ok once he is back to the swing of things. He has a new way of setting up haircut appts. He had to because of the regulations surrounding the pandemic. I just hope I did the right time for tomorrow. Be sucky to get there and not have a time.

Weather is supposed to be warm tomorrow. Will be good to get out. I want to get a donut so bad. Been craving one for a while. I will get it on the way home.

any thoughts?

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