Locked out of Twitter

I’ve been having Twitter app problems since twitter installed fleek, its 24hr story thing, on one of its updates. Since then, the app has been freezing causing me to close it to get it to work again. Yesterday was all the time I logged on so decided to uninstall/reinstall. That went great until I got logged out of Twitter. I have a 2 factor verification and I haven’t received a text message. So I contacted support as I couldn’t access the back up codes. For some reason once I was logged out on my phone, my laptop logged me out too. I miss my Twitter buddies. If any of my Twitter buddies want to get in touch with me I created a new account @ midnightdemon75.

I had groceries delivered today. I have been exhausted because no one told me a side effect of the vaccine was insomnia. I was up from 1am Friday till around 2100 last night. I woke up and just wanted to stay in bed and would have if I didn’t have my grocery delivery. I am so exhausted it isn’t funny. My CRPS pain has flared up. I’ve been in pain since yesterday. Had to take gabapentin for the burning pain yesterday. And that still didn’t knock me out.

I got a UTI. I didn’t have symptoms of it till today. Every time I pee it hurts so bad. I took a urinary pain med so I haven’t been going so often. I got to wait till Mon to get treated for the sensitivities to come back. They should be back by now but it’s the weekend so no one is going to call me. I am not happy about this because my treatment for a UTI by the uro team has always been delayed. I just hope it doesn’t spread to my kidneys by Monday. Then I will really be sick.

I’m starting to nod off so I will stop here for now.

any thoughts?

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