still locked out of twitter

Still locked out of Twitter

I am still locked out of Twitter and I miss my account very much. I talked about this in therapy. She just said that my addiction needs a fix. HAHA. I miss my account so much. The second acct that I set up isn’t doing it for me. I sent another email to Twitter support and am still waiting to hear back.

I had therapy today. I talked about the abuse my mother did to me but in general terms. I didn’t get into specifics. I couldn’t. I thought I was ready to but I am not. She wanted me to discuss my feelings and I couldn’t even do that. I was just a jumble of emotion. I had a couple memories come up while we were talking.

I haven’t showered yet or left the house to mail my name change thing. I need to send for official copies of my name change document so I can renew my passport. I also need to go to the pharmacy to get some urinary pain meds as I am out. I still haven’t received a call from uro about treatment. I sent a message but haven’t heard back. I am hurting still when I pee. I told my therapist that I had to be a strict 4-6 hour schedule. I am still struggling to follow it. Some days are easier than others but with this infection it is throwing me off because the urge to pee is frequent due to the infection. I just left another message with a nurse. This is ridiculous.

After therapy, I was tired and tried to nap but couldn’t. I just rested. I keep thinking about how Mother’s day is coming up and I am thinking of getting a card for my mother but I know it isn’t going to say what I really feel on it. Just be some sappy bullshit instead. I hate mother’s day more than any other holiday. It always creates this tension.

Nurse finally got back to me. My antibiotic has been called in. I just have to pick it up and I am tired and don’t want to go out. The time for napping is coming. Every day between 1700 and 1900 I get really sleepy. It’s a real struggle to stay awake. Maybe a walk would be good for me. It’s cooler out now. I hopefully won’t sweat as much. I still need to shower. Might do that tomorrow as I need to trim my beard as well.

any thoughts?

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