Saturday Blog 03072021

Saturday Blog 03072021

I watched a couple of episodes of the show Community on Netflix. I am finding it stupid funny. It is making me laugh so it is a good show. I am getting into it. I might spend the day watching it. I don’t know. I have a shit load of books I need to read and work on my book. I finally wrote a chapter last night. I am over 2,500 words. Once I have written 100 pages, I will start creating it on Amazon to get the copyright and ISBN numbers.

I woke up pretty tired. I had colon blow this morning. Every time I peed, crap was pouring out of me. I think it has finally stopped. I voided at 1140 and then had to go again an hour later so I cathed. I don’t think I am emptying my bladder when I void. It was only because the urge to go was so strong I didn’t cath. I am empty now and hopefully won’t have to go again until 4-5 hours later. I hate that I have to cath now to avoid pain from voiding. I don’t know if I am straining or if I am getting spasms while I pee. Just sucks because the risk of infection is higher with me having to cath.

It’s really cool today so I put on some long legged PJs. Such a drastic change compared to the week we had with temps 90 and above. I’ll take it though. I hate the heat. I wish this could be the temps year round. But it is supposed to be hotter and muggier towards the end of the week.

Tomorrow I am going to see my cousins who are visiting from Texas. We are having a brunch. It should be fun. I haven’t seen my cousins in a long time since before the pandemic. I only been keeping in touch via zoom, which isn’t the same thing.

My ankle pain has returned. The bones are aching so bad with this damp weather. I am just going to try and stay off my feet for the rest of the day. I will just watch Community until the Sox game tonight. Think I will order Chinese food for tonight so I don’t have to cook. I am addicted to Kung Pao chicken.

any thoughts?

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