day of appts

Day of appointments.

Last night my sister was having some issues and wanted me to take her blood pressure. As I was getting the cuff ready, she asked me when my surgery was and I told her. She said she would be away then. I talked to her today about it and she is going out of the country so will not be able to pick me up. I didn’t want to reschedule so I asked a friend if she could pick me up and she can. So one hassle out of the way.

I met with my psychiatrist and he likes the idea of going on the SNRI Pristiq. He said he wants neurology to prescribe it though and then he will take over. UGH. I sent a message to the neuro after our appointment and am waiting to see if this is going to be a battle or not. We also talked about the gender dysphoria around my mother and how it was going. He was curious about the suicidal thought book I have and so I told him it was a good book. I am stuck right now but am working through it with my therapist. We talked about my insomnia and he suggested I try melatonin. I said I would. Not going to hurt any. Only thing that sucks it gives me a hangover the next day.

After my psychiatrist appointment, I had the appointment with the surgeon. She was very thorough and answered all my questions that I had. It went really well. I did have to have a letter from psych saying that I was mentally ok to have the surgery for my well-being. It was a standard of care thing that she needed to have. My psychiatrist sent it off right away after I messaged him. The surgeon is going to be in touch with my PCP about my pain meds. I hope he is receptive to her input.

I have a headache today because it is so fricken muggy. I watched a couple of episodes of Community. I had groceries delivered because I needed half and half. I bought a steak and had it for supper. It was really good. I also had some rice my mother made.

Sox are playing the snakes tonight. Eddie is on the mound so I will be listening. I had a second cup of coffee after I had supper. Just hope this headache doesn’t get worse. It will be good to listen to baseball again. I miss it even though it has only been three days. It is my chief distraction. I was reading the MLB history book I have. I read it during my insomnia last night. I find it so interesting how the teams were formed and how the National League and American Association formed.

any thoughts?

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