Saturday blog 04092021

Saturday Blog 04092021

I woke up feeling so hungover from being tired. I was up three times during the night, one time to pee. The other two was from weird dreams. I dreamt of my father and I driving to get a burger. What’s weird is that as he was driving, I was drinking a beer in the car! I never drink beer, much less in a car!

I was able to shower and shave today. I am in boxers finally. I will have to change as I still have discharge at night. It is getting less but it is still there. I had my mother make me an omelet because that was what I felt like having. I feel a little better but I don’t feel confident to attend my cousin’s wedding today. I need to go to the pharmacy but I think I will go tomorrow.

I never received the phone call from my surgeon’s nurse yesterday. Since I stopped taking my uro meds, managing my bladder has been better. I am going like every three hours. I haven’t had any issues with urgency. I still have pain if I am close to full. The pain is getting less though. I am healing. I am seventeen days post op.

I don’t have many appointments next week. I just see my therapist. The following week I have multiple appointments with different providers. I think I see my TG doc and uro NP that week. The appointments are all virtual so I don’t have to go anywhere. I just have to remember them. The good news is they are in the afternoon so I don’t have to be up early.

any thoughts?

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