still tired despite sleeping ok

Still tired despite sleeping ok

For the first time since surgery, I had seven hours of sleep. I slept from 2130 to about 0430 when I had to get up to empty my bladder. I debated going back to sleep and got about an hour before I got up for coffee. I didn’t eat anything with it. I wasn’t in the mood. I had planned on picking up my meds and mailing my ballot. I was going to go after therapy but by then I ran out of gas and just rested.

Therapy went ok. I didn’t stay on any one topic throughout. I wasn’t feeling it. I talked about my cathing issues and how much my bladder is disrupting my life but I don’t think she understood. I knew she wasn’t going to get it. We talked about how this Friday is the anniversary of my last hospitalization two years ago. That means we have been seeing each other for two years. We talked about that for a bit. What I liked and disliked about therapy. She doesn’t let me have a stream of thought often so I took advantage of it. I really didn’t feel like talking about trauma today. I know I could have talked about how gender dysphoria kept me from the wedding this weekend but I didn’t want to talk about it. I had enough stress about cathing.

I really wanted to nap after therapy but my bladder went overboard. I emptied at 130, then had a BM with some pee at 150, then went again around 1500 and it was full. I emptied again at 1600 and 1730. I wish I could say that I drank a lot but I didn’t. I have some discomfort but it is mild. The abdominal pain has been better today than it has been all weekend. I thought with my bladder function being better I was getting a handle on it but today just went out the window.

any thoughts?

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