I woke up twice during the night to pee. My med alarm went off at 830 and I just shut it off. I laid there for a couple of hours. I was awake but I just didn’t want to get up. I finally did when I had to pee again and it was causing me horrible pain. I have been constipated all week and my bowels don’t feel well. I went today but my bowels still feel off. I need to take some more Miralax.

My uro got back to me yesterday afternoon. She wants to study my bladder again. I said ok. I am waiting for her medical assistant to call me to schedule testing. If I don’t hear from her in a week, I will call the office and make an appointment. I am still having trouble going. I can either cath or void but if I void, I have to cath afterwards because I haven’t been emptying my bladder. There has been a lot of urine left. So far today, there hasn’t been that much but I still need to empty it. I haven’t been drinking too much, or eating. I am hungry but I don’t know what to eat. I am thinking of making eggs. My mother is making boiled radishes. I haven’t had radishes in a long time.

Yesterday I went to the hospital for a blood draw for a research study. The building was far away from the entrance. It is the furthest building as it is on the other side of the hospital. I had to sit and rest half way there as I got tired.

My back went out after I had my coffee and was washing out my mug. It took some IB and some pain meds to calm it down enough so I could shave and shower. I felt better after the shower. My leg is hurting me right now. The weather is much colder than it has been. I think because the temps dropped so much I am hurting. Happens every time there is a huge change. I love the cold weather though. I will take it over a hot day any day and twice on Sunday. I have been taking things slow as I don’t want my back to flare up again. I thought my pain meds would be ready for pick up today but there is some kind of delay. Figures.

Sox won yesterday, finally. I was asleep most of the game as I was really tired after walking all around the hospital yesterday. There are only four more games left in the season and the wild card is still in doubt. All depends if we win the next few games. I will be hugely disappointed if they don’t make playoffs.

I haven’t gone back to reading “Medical Apartheid” yet. I plan on finishing the chapter once I make myself something to eat. It is a very interesting book but a tough read given the content. I hope the book goes into some detail about the Tuskagee Syphilis study. I am curious to know what exactly went on there.

any thoughts?

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