1st october 2021

1st of October 2021

It is finally a cold day. The house is really cold and I love it. I have socks on my feet so my feet can try and stay warm. My CRPS foot is currently cold even though I have socks on and it is under blankets. One of my meds is ready at the pharmacy. The other won’t be ready until Mon when the stock comes in. I haven’t been in the mood to leave the house. I’ve been really irritable because my abdomen still hurts. I finally had a decent movement followed by runs and gas. I feel a little bit better. My bladder still hurts because of the pushing I was doing. I got in touch with my nurse and they want a urine sample. I was going to go but I took a dose of Miralax this morning and didn’t want to chance getting colon blow outside the house. My mother has been annoying me all day with noises. I think I am getting overstimulated because of the pain I have been in. I feel like a deflated tire now. I feel better than I did before but I am still achy from all the pressure.

Monday I have an eye appointment for my annual exam. I plan on leaving early so I can go to the lab to drop off a urine specimen. Hopefully the lab won’t be too busy in the morning. I have an appointment with my therapist in the afternoon so I can’t wait too long after the eye exam.

I am so drained. I haven’t been feeling well since last night when the abdominal pain got really bad. What made this so awful was that I couldn’t fart at all. It took all I had just to move my bowels and it hurt. I don’t know if all the shit is out of me. I haven’t gone again in an hour so I think I am good. The pain has lessened. Now just my bladder hurts. I just emptied it but it still hurts.

I have no idea what I am going to do this weekend. Sox have three games left with the Nats. I am not sure how we will do. It is win or go home right now. They lost last night and it was very disappointing. My cousin was texting me all night like I wasn’t listening to the game. He drove me nuts. I can’t believe baseball season is almost over.

I feel depressed. My doc increased the Pristiq. It has been a week that I am on the higher dose. I don’t feel any different. I just been feeling tired and a little more anxious about things. Also more likely to become irritable about things. I couldn’t believe how much sound was affecting me today. Last night I was late in taking my night meds so I was up late. It took a while for me to settle down after the last out of the game. I am going to take them earlier tonight so I am not up so late.

any thoughts?

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