shoulder pain continues…

Shoulder pain continues

I woke up four times last night in shoulder pain. I wasn’t exactly waking up every four hours so I couldn’t take pain meds every time I woke up which sucked. I just had to get up and move my shoulder around a bit for it to calm down. I gave up around six and went downstairs to the kitchen to have breakfast. After I ate, I had coffee. By that time my mother woke up and she does the same thing every morning, which is go back and forth around the kitchen table to make her breakfast.

After I finished my coffee, I started dozing off to sleep. I wanted to take a nap but knew if I did, I wasn’t going to make my appointment. I read Twitter for a while. Then got dressed to catch the bus. While I was getting dressed, the doctor’s office called wanting to know why the CT was canceled. I told them it was canceled because I had the MRI. She was saying along the lines that if I didn’t have the CT, the doctor wouldn’t be able to see me. She said she would speak to him and call me back. By the time I finished getting dressed, she called me back to say that I would need an x-ray so I should come early for the appointment. Okay, I already knew this but whatever.

I was seen fairly quickly. There were no changes on the x-ray which was good I guess. The doctor came in and explained what the break was and how the shoulder worked. Then he gave me some exercises to do and a sling to keep my arm immobilized. I am to do the exercises frequently so I don’t know why I have to use the sling but I was grateful for it because it took a ton of pressure off my shoulder. I kept it on the whole ride home and never realized how much I use my left arm. I am to return to the doc’s office in two weeks and then if things are still stable, then I can start PT.

While I was headed to the train station, PT office called for my back. We set up some appointments starting in two weeks. I don’t know how soon the doc wants to start PT but I want my back taken cared of first.

any thoughts?

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