another boring day in the life of Midnight demon

Another boring day in the life of Midnight Demon

I have been in a funk since getting up this morning. I had to go to the bathroom so I did that then had my coffee. As I greeted my mother, fricken post nasal drip caused me to gag. I think I got to start using the Flonase again. I do well without it and then allergies cause the drip to come back despite taking allegra. My sister came up during her break and we talked for a bit before she had to leave. She is working from home and only had fifteen minutes. She said she would be back for lunch. I haven’t even had breakfast yet. I just drank my coffee without eating something. I wasn’t in the mood to eat. I still am not.

Yesterday I sent off some messages to my doctors and they all responded today. My pcp doesn’t think the fatigue I am having is caused by thyroid. He thinks it is because of chronic pain. That really soured my mood. My psychiatrist sent some well wishes and support. I had asked if my uro still wants to study my bladder and she does. Fuck. I was hoping for a no for that. Found out that the doctor I have the same time and day as my TG doc is the resident working with her. I don’t know why they scheduled me with both the resident and attending. That is weird.

I got my meds yesterday. It was cold so I changed into a heavy sweatpants. I was sweating by the time I came home. I had taken a shower and now I need another one. My mother has the heat on and I woke up sweating. I had turned off the fan because it got to be 65 degrees in my room. I like it when the temp is 80 outside not when it is 45.

I reluctantly brushed my teeth and shaved my head today. I don’t know what I am going to do with the top of my head. I need to see the barber but I am broke this month. I might be able to see him if I can finagle it. Need to wait for a couple more checks to clear.

I don’t have any plans for today. I am really tired so I might just nap. I went to bed early last night and still woke up a few times during the night. I hate that I can’t sleep through the night anymore. Then I am wondering why I am tired all the time.

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