shoulder pain and PT

Shoulder pain and PT

I saw the ortho doc yesterday and he recommended PT. He had said something about seeing a shoulder specialist but I thought it was if this didn’t get better or if it got worse. But today I got a call from the shoulder specialist and will be meeting with him tomorrow.

I had therapy today and we discussed the blog I wrote about hopelessness. She thought it was interesting that my chronic pain had gone down when the depression had gotten better. It is a chicken and egg kind of scenario because I really don’t know what got better first. I know that since my back surgery, my CRPS pain for the most part has been low. There might be a day or a few days where it is at a high level. Every day my foot throbs but for the most part it is tolerable. We talked about this. During the whole session my eyes were tearing. I don’t know why they were. It was bugging the crap out of me. Therapist asked if I was crying. I told her no. She said she had to check. LOL

I rested after therapy for a bit. I should have taken a shower but I was so damn tired I didn’t think of it. I went to PT and my PT said that she would treat both my shoulder and back as it happened to occur due to the same fall that I took. I told her I dislocated my shoulder and when it went back in place, I broke the bone. She was amazed that I did that in one fall. She said reading the reports were worse than seeing me in person. I am glad about that. She gave me the typical back exercises to do and to keep up with the shoulder stuff that I have been doing.

I came home tired and hungry. I had a bowl of cereal. That is really all I have been eating these days. Last night I tried sleeping sitting up but it didn’t last. I have to lie down to sleep. But I kept my shoulder as flat to my chest as possible. It really hurts right now and I have been in the sling all day. My arm hurts really bad. I hope I can sleep tonight because I have an early appointment tomorrow with the specialist. Then in the afternoon I see my urologist. Going to be a long day and I am grateful I don’t have any more appointments for the rest of the week. I am going to need to rest and I don’t care if I am in bed all day.

any thoughts?

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