better man (taylor’s Version)

Better man (Taylor’s Version)

I’ve been listening to Red TV since it came out. I am now listening to songs on repeat. Better Man is one of those songs. I love this song so much.

I have just been eating pies and cookies today rather than real food. I have had two cups of coffee with the sweets. I plan on attacking  my sister’s cheesecake later. I don’t plan on doing anything today other than getting my third vaccine and picking up my meds when I go to the pharmacy. I am also going to get some burn blister stuff for my burn so it can hurry up the healing process.

I shaved and brushed my teeth today. I figured I would do that while I was in the bathroom. It is cold today so I plan on wearing my beanie Sox hat. It is also rainy which is probably why my back hurts today. Shoulder also hurts, well my arm. I will be having the vaccine in my right arm which will probably make it sore as hell. I have the weekend to recuperate if I get side effects.

I got my shot. It hurt. Arm isn’t sore yet. I was thinking of getting some blister bandages but all they had were large and my blister isn’t that big. Of course it popped when I hit my hand on the railing as I was getting in my house. I am still out of breath from walking up the street and the circular staircase. I got a regular band aid on my hand and I hate wearing bandages but the blister is all open and I don’t want to get it infected. I might have to use a glove when I have to cath to protect it.

My cousin texted me to remind me of the OSU/Xichigan game tomorrow. I might watch it if I am up. The 24lb turkey is gone so I will have one of my pot pies tomorrow and will try not to have it go flying on the floor this time and burn myself with it.

It is after 5pm and I am tired. My usual sleepy hour has come. Doesn’t matter what I am doing or don’t do, I am always tired around the same time each day. Then I have a hard time falling asleep if I don’t nap. Last night I moved something on my bed and my 100 colored pencils box fell off the bed. Did it stay closed? Of course not. I got half a box of pencils on my floor near my bed. I bought a pencil case that is zippered and has more than 100 slots so when that case comes in is when the pencils will be picked up. Fuck.

any thoughts?

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