Saturday Blog 27112021

I was up so I watched the OSUvsMich game. It is in the 4th quarter and OSU is losing. Xichigan defense is better than in past years so it has been a tight game instead of a blowout I was expecting.

The 3rd vaccine is giving me side effects. I have a 99.6 temp and chills. I took some tylenol. Both arms are sore today and I just feel lousy. I was up during the night because I had to go pee and then couldn’t settle down. I woke up again around 8 to pee again because I got thirsty when I was up.

I wanted to pick up my meds but I don’t feel like going out. I will pick them up tomorrow. I don’t fill my med boxes until then anyways. I feel tempted to take a BT med right now because my broken arm is hurting so much. I put on a long sleeve shirt and as I was pulling down the shirt I aggravated my shoulder. Damn thing hates movement right now. I also aggravated my muscles. I hate put heat on while I was having my 2nd cup of coffee.

I’m just laying low right now. I am going to nap and hope I feel better.

any thoughts?

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