Sunday blog 28112021

Sunday Blog 28112021

Happy Hannukah to those that celebrate! Wishing you eight days of peace and happiness.

I am not having a good day. My sister called me an asshole today because I basically cath. The last few times I have voided have been a disaster cath wise as the urge to pee overwhelms the cathing and urine goes everywhere. I tried to clean it up but obviously missed a spot for Mrs. Clean. This UTI that I have is torture. I am peeing like every half hour and shitting with each piss so my ass is quite sore. I forgot to take the urinary pain pills this morning with my meds. I have peed myself twice today. I wish the pills would kick in already. It hurts so much to go. I am canceling my appointment with the dentist tomorrow if I am still like this. No way I can sit through getting my teeth drilled while trying to hold my pee. It just isn’t going to happen.

I slept till 3pm today. I don’t ever remember sleeping this late. I didn’t feel like going to the pharmacy to get my meds today. I wasn’t able to fill my med boxes with all the meds but I will do that tomorrow. Hopefully the pharmacy will have my BT in stock and will fill my prescription. I haven’t brushed my teeth yet. I plan on doing it before bed as I didn’t brush yesterday. I am really bad about brushing my teeth. Hence why I need to get my teeth filled.

I feel really depressed because of the pain I am in. I took a BT med for the urethral pain because it was so bad. I need to go into town tomorrow to get my urine tested. I am thinking of taking a Uber there so that I will be there faster than the T. It depends on how I feel and if I feel like I can hold it.

I just have therapy and PT on Tuesday. I can’t wait to talk to my therapist about my sister. It is really upsetting because she also has been misgendering me this whole week. I can’t wait till she gets back to work so I don’t have to deal with her.

any thoughts?

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