Birthday 2021

I’ve been up since 0600. I didn’t have a good sleep as I was up most of the night with shoulder pain. I got up around 7ish to have coffee and a slice of pumpkin pie. I had to be up early for PT.

At PT, she told me which muscles were torn. They are in my back part of my shoulder. She doesn’t know how severe the tears are as the report didn’t say so surgery could be in my future. It will be three weeks till I know for sure. In the mean time we are just doing gentle stuff around the shoulder. I got a new back exercise to do.

I came home and was hurting. I had another cup of coffee and put on the heat pack on my shoulder. I didn’t have anything to eat as I wasn’t hungry. My sister was going to have steak for dinner so I was holding my appetite for that.

Around 4 I helped my sister prepare dinner. I was in a grumpy mood as my shoulder was still hurting me. The BT meds were wearing off. Turns put the steaks had gone bad so we just had chicken cutlets for supper. It was good. We waited a while chit chatting a bit then we had the custard pie. It was so good. I loved it.

Overall despite the pain it was a good day. My sister yelled at me but I didn’t care. She is a miserable bitch anyway. I got a new hat that my niece gave me. I love it because it’s adjustable. I also don’t have a Sox hat like it so I really love it.

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