day 3 of the new year

Day 3 of the new year

I woke up at 4 this morning and have not gone back to sleep. I am hitting my napping hours but I am going to try and stay awake as it is close to my bedtime hours. I ordered McD’s because I need comfort food today. I made a cheesy scrambled egg sandwich with hot sauce for brunch. Other than coffee, it has been the only thing I have eaten today. I just feel really low.

My therapist got back to me. We can keep our time. I don’t have to change it because it is virtual. My PCP’s office gave me a scheduling ticket to test for Covid. I will be doing that Saturday. I don’t know when the results will be back because of the weekend so probably Tues I should I have results. It will be the PCR test. My PCP’s RN who answered my message skipped the part about what to do with my blood pressure meds. Idiot. I responded and am still waiting for an answer back. My blood pressure was lower than it was yesterday but diastolic was still 90.

When I woke up this morning to pee, I had a sneeze attack when I came back to my room. I kept on thinking I got Covid but I think I just have a cold because all I have had the past three weeks have been the sniffles. No other symptoms. There is a lot of dust in my room so I am not surprised I am sniffling. I am too lazy to dust. I hate dusting. I need to dust my ceiling fan but I haven’t figured out a way to do it with one arm. There is no way I can raise my left arm the way it is right now. I can’t even put my arm behind my back. My Range of Motion is still off. I hope I can have it back. I sent a message to the PT about not seeing her this week but haven’t heard back yet. One time I got a message from her at like 2330 so I am not worried about when she will get back to me. She is a little odd but she is a good therapist.

I cleared out my inbox early this morning. I have no more clogging email. I just have one email in my box right now for a reminder for my catheters. My arm is sore and I really haven’t done much today aside from the exercises and keeping moving within range. All the muscles in my upper arm are sore and a couple in my forearm hurt as well. I haven’t mentioned to PT about the forearm. There is only so much to do in 45 mins and my upper arm muscles hurt more than my forearm muscles. I have to skip PT this week because of the Covid diagnosis. Fricken sucks. In three days, it will be three months since my fall. I am entering my third month of PT for this fucking shoulder.

any thoughts?

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