saturday blog 15012022

Saturday Blog 15012022

I am feeling fatigued and weak today. I was up for about a half hour during the night because I had to pee. Then my bladder got me out of bed around 1115. I had a lot of urine in my bladder. It has been the only urge I have had today. I had two big glasses of water and a cup of coffee and I don’t have an urge to go. The left side of my back and rib cage are hurting me today. I put some heat on it and will try a tennis ball to see if that helps loosen some of the muscles.

I am indecisive today. I can’t decide if I want to print out the memoir I am working on or edit it by screen. I might go old school and print it out. Won’t be today though. I am not feeling well enough to edit.

I just had dinner and I am quite full. My brother in law brought up lemon squares so I had that as dessert. It was very good. My mother is making chicken wings with BBQ sauce for her dinner. If I get hungry later, I will have that to snack on.

I tried to nap but my back pain was too much and I couldn’t get comfortable. I had to take some ibuprofen. I am doing more things with my arm, trying to get it used to doing things again. The doc said that the fracture is fully healed but because of my arm pain, not to do any strengthening. I just wish I knew why the muscles around my ribs and shoulder blade hurt so much. I have been putting heat on all day. Soon as my stomach settles for a bit, I plan on making a cup of tea and putting heat on again.

I have a fairly easy week coming up. I just have PT and therapy. I want to get a latte one of these days. I got a lot of Starbucks money for Christmas. I wish I could spend hours there like I used to. Just not worth the risk of catching Covid.

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  1. Hope the heat helps your back and ribs. Pain is fucking awful, you cant sleep or get into a comfy position with it! I love starbux, I’m definitely getting one this week. Xx


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