daily adls and other things

Daily ADLs and other things

I had a difficult time sleeping last night. I couldn’t find a comfortable position for my left arm and my right arm kept going to sleep on me and would be painful after a while so I would have to move it. I finally got some decent sleep between 8 and 12p, though the way I slept hurt my back. I brushed my teeth as I didn’t do it yesterday. I also showered though it killed my back. I had to sit down at least four times. Both feet cramped up at different time during the shower. That was fun.

Yesterday I was in a rotten mood and all I wanted to do was sleep or lie down. I didn’t want to leave my bed at all. I forced myself to have something to eat around 4pm. I made a thanksgiving wrap with turkey, cranberry sauce, and stuffing. It was very good. I then had stuffing and cranberry sauce until I was full. I might have another wrap today as I have left over stuffing.

I thought about getting out of the house today and getting a haircut. But it is supposed to snow and I don’t want to be out in it. I don’t really need a haircut as my hair isn’t that long. I just want it shorter than what it is right now. I really want to go to Starbucks and get a grilled cheese from them. And a mocha.

Yesterday I talked with the surgeon. He thinks I have inflammation in the capsule near my shoulder but I told him the pain is in my upper arm not really my shoulder. I told him I wanted to do PT more than get an injection so he said no strengthening just movement PT and exercises that focuses on range of motion. I can’t wait to see her Tues evening. It has been two weeks since I last saw her and I have not done any exercises because of pain.

I made a cup of tea. I need something warm but I don’t want coffee. Coffee has had the opposite effect on me. Instead of keeping me awake, it sedates me. But I do need at least one cup just to get the cobwebs out of my head. The cup of tea went right through me. I had to pee soon after finishing it.

I took Miralax today because I haven’t moved my bowels all week. I feel really backed up. Yesterday I must have texted my therapist like four times. I was in such a mood and wanted her to know about it. I didn’t care if she didn’t respond. I was really miserable yesterday. My cousin pissed me off because she thought almost falling meant falling apparently. I haven’t heard from her today at all and I don’t even wish to speak to her right now.

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