sunday blog 23012022

Sunday Blog 23012022

I didn’t get up when my med alarm went off. I was so tired. I woke up a couple of times during the night. I had woken up at midnight and it took a while for me to settle down and get back to sleep. I hope I have a better night tonight as I got to be up and out of the house by 9 so I can see my neurologist in the morning. I also need to donate blood. I hope the café is open to patients so I can get lunch. I will bring a sandwich just in case they are closed to the public. I am trying to hydrate as much as I can. I figure I will switch between Powerade and water.

I did my arm exercises this afternoon after I had my coffee. It was tough but I did it. I was fatigued afterwards. I shaved my head while heating up my lunch. I had missed a spot yesterday when I was I was shaving. I finally took a shower and washed all my parts with my new soap. I had shaved my face and head. I look good bald.

I got to pack my bag and make sure I have enough caths for the time out. I will be drinking a lot so I need to make sure I have more than enough. It is going to be cold tomorrow. I am debating taking an Uber so I don’t waste energy on the T getting to my appointment. I just really hope I am not rushing in the morning because I know I will forget something.

I am listening to Taylor on my laptop. I only have Red and folklore on. It is enough. It is all I have been listening to the past few months anyway. I am trying to stay awake so I can drink at least 3L. I have drank one so far. I need to do my meds for the week. I will do it in a little while. I want to finish writing first.

I plan on bringing my book to read while I am waiting in between appointments tomorrow. I read two chapters last night. I read about the myths of suicide. Stuff like asking about suicide plants the idea in people’s head. Totally false. Or if they are suicidal they always will be suicidal. Another falsehood. Another one is if they are talking about suicide they won’t go through with it. False. I am really enjoying this book.

Shoulder is hurting today. I don’t know if the exercises contributed or not. I don’t want to take ibuprofen because I don’t know if it will disqualify me from giving blood so I am just going to take BT med and Tylenol. I haven’t brushed my teeth yet. I think I will do it before bed.

any thoughts?

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