nor’easter Saturday blog 29012022

Nor’Easter Saturday Blog 29012022

It is a blizzard out there. The wind is making my room really cold. I put down the curtains over the AC because the wind was blowing it and I didn’t want the blinds to go down with the curtain. It also blocks some of the cold from getting in. The wind has made a pile of snow on one side of my back porch only. I just hope the snow isn’t heavy because that side of the porch is weak.

I had a pot pie for lunch. I had coffee while it was cooking. I want to go back to sleep because I was up all night. I went to bed around 2100 and woke up around midnight. I went back to sleep around five, had a dream, and woke up around 630 with urge to pee. I emptied my bladder and I have been up since. I tried to take a nap around 1330 but it didn’t happen.

The snow is still coming down. I don’t know how long it is supposed to last. There is a huge accumulation on the weaker side of the porch and I am worried that if the snow is too heavy, there might be a collapse. Trouble is, snow has accumulated in front of the back door so we can’t open it. We would have to around the house to get upstairs to the porch.

I had to put cathing on my med app because I am not getting the urge to pee since taking the urinary pain med. I think whatever was irritating my urethra cleared itself out. I have switched days on the vaginal cream because I still have it leaking out of me. I am not happy about this but if it will help my bladder situation, I am for it. I just have to give it time.

any thoughts?

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