pain and feeling tired

Pain and feeling tired

I slept most of yesterday. I just couldn’t get out of bed. I wanted to go to the post office but I laid down to charge my phone and that was the end of me. I was in bed the rest of the night. I had a hard time sleeping through the night. I kept waking up from weird dreams. Around 6 my back hurt really bad. I took a BT med and tried to go back to sleep. I ended up getting up around 9 to pee and have some coffee. I brushed my teeth. I knew I had to have a BM so I waited a little while and sure enough, they moved so I went back to the bathroom. While I was wiping myself, I had a greenish discharge. I don’t know what that is about. Hope I don’t have an infection. I see the doc Tuesday so I am not worried about getting an appointment.

I went to the post office and I was out of breath when I came back home. I opened the package and there was this thing no bigger than a pack of cigarettes. No wires or sticky stuff. You just hold the thing on your chest while it records the event. Only trouble I see is that you really have to be naked to hold it to your chest firmly. All four connections need to be held to the skin. So this isn’t going to be as easy as I thought it would be.

I sent the first recording over to the company. Now we just wait for my heart to palpate. I haven’t had any episodes the past few days but then I haven’t really left my room to do anything. I am tired and hungry. I don’t feel like cooking so I think I am just going to have cereal.

I just had my first event. It went ok. My heart is still racing. I am wicked tired. It’s only a little after 230p. I had a cup of tea to try and wake me up a little bit. Coffee has just been making me really tired but I got to have it first thing when I wake up, no matter what time it is. It is like a ritual. I get up and have coffee.

I had to go pee and because the urge was strong, I voided. It still bloody hurts to go. There wasn’t much urine left after I peed so that was good. I didn’t put myself on a timer today because I have the urge today. I helped my mother get up the stairs. I am tired. My head hurts for some reason. I am still having palpitations.

I bought a binder for the memoir I plan on printing out one of these days. I might do it tomorrow. I really should clear off my bed and change the sheets. Maybe I will do that instead.

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