Cry of Pain

It’s almost 330. I’ve been up since 2 with being hot and sweaty and having shoulder pain. The muscles in my armpit are tight and they hurt. I’ve been trying to massage them. I should put heat on them but I don’t want to go downstairs.

I’m writing in my journal. I can’t take Twitter anymore. Too much pain with the Ukraine situation and trans youth being discriminated against. Beto Rourke post something to support the youth but until the damn thing is off the law books nothing will change. It just breaks my heart.

I just started reading a book called Cry of Pain. It is good except I hate the author writing committed suicide in it. It should be died by suicide. He also uses completed suicide which I hate. I am reading the 2014 edition of the book so these terms should not be in there. It is old and outdated.

I hope I get some sleep tonight. We’ll see…

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