Mother’s Day 2022

We had family dinner for Mother’s day. It was good. We had New York cheesecake for dessert. My brother in law bought it but didn’t leave it out to thaw so it was like eating ice cream cake.

My mother deadnamed me today so I’ve been in a mood. I got reminded of the abuse she did by good ole Twitter sending stuff about abusive mothers. Some days I just like to forget it happened but days like today it all comes flooding back. And not just the abuse but the neglect as well where she didn’t protect me from my father’s abuse. I still have a lot of anger with her.

My sister is back home after her quarantine in Maine. She is negative so far. My cousin was positive last week for covid. Hope my sister stays negative.

The top window in my room fell down from the vibration of the wind. It is really cold in my room. I am feeling sleepy as I’ve been up most of the night. I woke up to pee and couldn’t get back to sleep. I wrote in my journal, trying to stay off my phone. I finished “on Juneteenth”. Plan on starting “Building a therapeutic alliance” soon.

I follow an old psychotherapist on twitter and he has a new podcast called Talking Therapy. I watched a couple of episodes and it got me thinking. I have a few questions for my therapist tomorrow. I got to write them down so I don’t forget.

I ate a lot of good food. I got a headache before we ate. I think it is a migraine. I plan on taking my meds soon and going to bed. Therapy is early. Leg is kind of flared up from sitting the few hours with my family. I am going to try and go into Boston tomorrow to get xrayed. Maybe I will go to Starbucks if I go.

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