gonna be a hot summer

Gonna be a warm summer

It is cool today but my room is hot. Consequences of living on the top floor. My room was an ice box last night so I put on a long sleeve shirt so I could sleep comfortably. I woke up sweating when I had to pee this morning. I kept dreaming about Marina Sirtis and her counseling people. I also dreamt my sister had a little boy that I was somehow in charge of who refused to listen to me and broke some glass windows. I had some weird dreams but they were at least pleasant ones rather than disturbing.

I didn’t get up till after 1230. My mother was in the kitchen cutting up some meat that my sister had bought. I was glad she didn’t have to sweat as there was a cool breeze coming through the door. I had to move some of the meat so I could make my coffee as she was in front of the Keurig. I ended up having two cups and then half a sandwich of black bean burger. I also had my biscuits. I didn’t know what I wanted to eat. I still have some yogurt I haven’t touched.

I am constipated. I just realized that I haven’t been taking senna all week. I checked my box to see if there was one in there and there wasn’t. I have them I just forgot to put them in. UGH. Now I got to drink Miralax to my colon can be emptied. Magnesium was working for awhile. But now seems to have stopped. It works well with the senna.

Because it is much cooler and not humid today, I plan on taking a shower and shaving so I can have a proper goatee. I had let my beard go and then I took it off the other day. I was going to shave the next day but never did due to brain fog (Thursday). Also plan on brushing my teeth. I have coffee breath. But what do expect after having two cups? LOL

Sox have been on a losing streak, and they are playing the Skankees. I am so uninterested because rookies are pitching and getting their asses handed to them. It has been awful. Last night they lost 12-5. Pitiful. It has been hard keeping up. I just plan on reading after I shower and shave. I haven’t been able to read all week because of the appointments I had. I need to read at least a chapter or two over the weekend. That is the plan.

One thought on “gonna be a hot summer

  1. I have a book I want to finish, its a memoir called snatched, by elizabeth harper, its about this girl who was groomed by a woman and then sold to men and abused for four years, it is so good but very sad. X


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