not feeling well Sunday

Not feeling well Sunday

For the past few hours I have been feeling off. My head and bladder hurts and I am not sure if the two are related. I just don’t feel well. I have been trying to stay hydrated and flush out my bladder if I do have an infection. I spent the morning outside reading my book. I have one chapter left. Then I am not sure what to read.

I was up most of the night because I couldn’t sleep. Neighbors had decided to listen to loud music around 2030 and then fireworks went off, which always scares me so I was triggered. I tried to overcome it but I was just too restless. I read two chapters of the book. One of them was on cognitive therapy. As I was reading this, I was wondering why my therapist isn’t doing these things like giving me skills and coping stuff. I just don’t get her.

I had a turkey dinner thinking maybe I was hungry and that was why I feel off. But I still feel like crap. I still haven’t moved my bowels. I had another dose of Miralax after I had breakfast. I know I am hydrated because my urine is clear and light colored.

Tomorrow I got to fight with my mail order company so I can get my pain meds on time and I won’t miss a dose. I think they faxed the PA to the wrong number. I hate making phone calls. Every month there is a problem with my pain meds. I hate this bullshit.

Going to lie down. My head feels so weird. I really hope I don’t have an infection and this is just the stupid heat.

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