I want to nap

I want to nap

I went to bed early last night, waking up only once but able to get back to sleep. I mostly slept on my side the whole night. I woke up with my back ribs hurting. The muscles were so damn tight and painful. I had to take a pain med and loraz to calm it down. Then I took my morning meds so I wouldn’t be disturbed if I fell back to sleep. I did for about an hour as I got up around 0900. I had a bowl of cereal and my coffee. It wasn’t really hot yet but there was a breeze coming through the kitchen.

After I finished, I went back to my room and finished BATA. I took a little break from reading and went to doomscroll on Twitter. Nothing interesting was happening so I went downstairs to brush my teeth and put some cold water on my face. I then shaved. I am trying to keep my goatee from growing in.

I came back to my room and read a little of the suicidal thoughts workbook. I am half-way through that book. I have four chapters left. It is a good book. I plan on writing a review when I finish it, both on goodreads and Amazon. When I was finished with the chapter, it was close to lunch time so I asked my niece if she wanted something from the pizzeria. She just wanted a salad. I called and placed the order for a sub, fries, and a salad. $34 and I didn’t even use Grubhub or UberEats! Not ordering from them next time. I will order some place else.

I had called my mail order company and got the PA re-faxed. The RN at my PCP’s office got it and sent it in. Now we wait. I have three days before it is approved. I will call Wed and see where they are at. I need to have my script before the weekend or I am going to run out of my pain meds. The anxiety with this and the upcoming top surgery consult is not going well.

Well, I have tried to get the 2nd edition of Treating Suicidal Behavior from different sellers and I keep getting the 1st edition. I now have three copies. I am returning two of them, I just don’t know if I want to keep the hardcover or not. I asked the author if the 2nd edition is available. It might be out of print. I don’t know. I am frustrated as I have never had difficulty buying a book before.

I finally have an appointment with a dietitian after arguing with the secretary. I have to sign some paperwork in case my insurance won’t cover the appointment. So stupid they weren’t even going to try to bill my secondary insurance, they just wrote it off as this won’t cover so that won’t either. Assholes. Then you wonder why obesity is such a problem in America. This is why. The insurance is a problem and sometimes it is the people submitting the billing that are the problem.

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