Saturday Blog 26112022

Saturday Blog 26112022

Been a long while since I last wrote a Saturday blog. I was mostly depressed today. I didn’t want to do anything but I forced myself to. I had ordered groceries and they were delivered before the OSU game. I put most of the stuff away as I watched the game. Then around the end of the 2nd quarter, the cable went out for the channel I was watching. I missed the loss to Michigan. I was not happy.

I had made plans with a friend to meet up in Boston to go for Thai food at our favorite restaurant. It was a good outing and I am glad I didn’t cancel on her. My older friend is in his 80’s and his memory is not what it should be. It is sad. He has lived a long life. After dinner, we went to the ice cream shop across the street for dessert. I had sugar cookie ice cream. It was so good.

I am contemplating what to do the rest of the night. Last night I read for a while. I am re-reading Building a life worth living by Marsha Linehan. I am getting the idea that even though we had different circumstances, I share a lot of the same things with her in regards to being accepted by our mothers and family. We are both outsiders. Maybe that is why I am so against DBT, because it reminds me of things I should be doing as I need to have skills but don’t have the patience to learn them.

any thoughts?

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