What a morning

What a morning!

I have had a very frustrating morning. I was on hold with the pharmacy for more than a half hour and then they hung up on me! I was so pissed off. The visiting nurse came and luckily my blood pressure was within normal limits. We chatted for a bit and I walked her out as I was going to the pharmacy to get the meds I needed. Because the hospital didn’t want to give me more than three days supply of meds, I am refilling my meds frequently. I would have picked them up yesterday but the pharmacy was closed because of the holiday. They also didn’t have one of my medications so now I need to go to another location to pick it up as I don’t have anymore meds.

My sister found the magnesium and vitamin D that I had somewhere in my room after she got rid of my meds. I am still pissed about it. All my meds are gone because “they were expired”, which is bullshit. Meds don’t really expire.

I didn’t charge my phone overnight so now I got to wait till it is fully charged before going to the other pharmacy location. My sister said she could take me so I might get take her up on it rather than taking the bus.

I got the new Taylor Swift album. It is okay. I love all the new songs but it is way different album than her past ones. It has a new beat to them which I am trying to get used to. My favorite song is Anti-Hero. It is really cool. You’re on your own kid is also a good song. I like the beat of it.

I’ve had two cups of coffee nearly every day since coming home from the hospital. I am making up for the three months I didn’t have caffeine. I mostly drank multiple cups of decaffeinated tea while in the psych unit. It is weird eating real food again, when I want it and without ordering it and receiving it by a staff member. I have gained back the weight I lost while on the unit because I ate so much and didn’t exercise. I paced around the unit nearly every day but not enough to burn calories. I am so out of shape that walking to the pharmacy knocks the wind out of me. I wonder how I am going to be when I go to the hospital on Tues to see my pcp. There is a lot of walking there. After the appointment, I need to get my glasses adjusted. I hope that I don’t have to make an appointment at the eye place for it. I need to call on Monday.

OMG the drama of trying to fill my Latuda at a retail store! Fucking pharmacy doesn’t stock brand name meds so they have to order it. Problem is that I just have three fucking pills until I see my psychiatrist on Thursday. This is just a big pain in the ass filling every few days. Supposedly if I order on a Sunday, they will have it in stock on Monday. We will see. I have to order a day before. Today has been a shitshow for picking up my meds. I really hope in a few days I will have a better experience.

any thoughts?

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