did too much in a short time

Did too much in a short time

My med alarm went off at around 0830. I took my meds and then wondered if I should get up. Other than waking up briefly at 0430, I mostly slept through the night, the first in a long time. I only got up because my back was hurting. My sister had come up and I said hi. I decided to make pancakes. While I was making it, my sister asked if my other sister could borrow my laptop. I said sure. After I finished eating and put my dishes in the sink, my sister came. I went upstairs to get my laptop. I went on it briefly to close my browsers. I still haven’t fixed the touchpad so I took my mouse down.

My mother had been washing clothes. After she put in a load, she said I had to do, she said I had to do the dishes. I wasn’t feeling up to it, just because she said I had to. While my sister was on the laptop, I made some coffee. I drank half of it and decided to shower. The game would be on in about 15 minutes. I had timed it right. I turned on the TV to watch the game. After the 2nd or 3rd inning, I did the dishes. There weren’t that many. I washed my coffee pot, taking the filter and stuff apart to get the coffee grinds out. My ankle was getting sore. Whatever my sister was doing on my laptop, was frustrating her so she went downstairs for my other sister to help her.

I went to the living room and told my mother I wanted grilled cheese for supper. She said she wanted raviolis. I said okay. I took out a container of gravy in the freezer and watched another inning of baseball. My sister texted me saying my younger sister made some flatbread pizza. I went downstairs to have some. It was good. I might make some tomorrow. My sister was done with my laptop so I retreated up to my room.

By the time I got there, my ankle was killing me. It was time for my meds anyway. I have been bad at putting in my med reminder. I turned on the game to hear the back to back homeruns by Swihart and Barfield. We are currently leading 6-1. I think I overdid things because I hurt so bad. I am glad I don’t have to make dinner but I do have to go back down the stairs to eat it. I am hoping the meds will kick in by then and I am in less pain.

My cousin was at the Children’s Museum today with her daughter. She showed a pic of her in a window with the Hood Milk Bottle in the background. It brought back many memories. I will never forget the time I was a teen counselor for a children’s summer camp. We went there for the day. I had an idiot adult counselor that hated children. Why he chose to work with them, I’ll never know. So we were at the museum, and the fire alarm goes off. Total chaos as we had to evacuate the building. The rules were that the teens were not to be left alone with our group of ten kids. I had no idea where this jerk was. I kept everyone together and we went outside. I met up with our module and there he was, coming from the Hood Bottle, eating an ice cream. I was so damn mad. He got written up for abandoning his job, which he should have lost, but that is my opinion. It was wicked scary. Luckily, there was no fire. Someone must have pulled the alarm by accident. The kids were safe and that was all that mattered.

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  1. Hallo, just read your piece on Cauda Equina Syndrome… which I have also got. I went in for an op to relieve my sciatic pain and they slipped and cut the nerve that works the bowels and bladder, so I am doubly incontinent and have to evacuate manually each time I go to empty my bladder or bowel. I see that you had exercises to do and they proved helpful, here in the UK it seemed tht no one really knew what to do with me, or what exercises might help, so I have carried on as much as i can in a normal way. I live with my husband and luckily we are both semi retired, so my work load is very light. I do not have the pain you seem to have, but the difficulty of managing C E S is difficult day by day and if I go on holiday, you can imagine how hard it is with all the parafanalia I have to take. I do take tablets and they consists too of painkillers, but otherwise I try to lead a normal life. Thank you for sharing your story.. all the very best from the UK jeannine


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