making dinner and other things

Making dinner and other things

I didn’t sleep well last night because the wind kept blowing and because I still have my AC in the window, the blinds were rattling all night and most of the day, too. I finally got up around 0930 for coffee. I had some fig bars for breakfast. Then some soup for lunch as I made Shepard’s pie for dinner. No one is home so I have it whenever I want to eat. It just came out of the oven so I am going to let it cool some before devouring it.

My mother is in the hospital. She has a broken hip that needs surgery. She was supposed to have it today but they need to do some more tests before they could do it. So she might have it done tomorrow. She is finally in a room after being in the ED for a few days. She is on oxygen because her O2 sats keep dropping for some reason. I don’t know how long she will be in the hospital. Hopefully she is out before Christmas.

I’ve had three cups of coffee today. I am kind of jittery but can go to sleep. I am so tired from not sleeping. I keep trying to do something to keep me awake. I put some stuff in the dishwasher. It isn’t full to run it. I also emptied it as my niece didn’t the other day. Her pots are still in the sink. I will have to wash them as she isn’t home. I hate washing pans. I can never get the grease out of them right.

I wanted to go to the Square to pick up my meds but it is cold, windy, and raining so I won’t be going out. I need to send a package to UPS for a return. The drop off is like up the street from me but it is a long walk and uphill so I won’t be able to walk it. I might be able to walk down but not up. Tomorrow when I go out I will just get off at the bus stop when I pick up my meds.

I let my psychiatrist know about my mother’s condition. He was glad I reached out. My pcp sent me a message this morning about the gabapentin dose but she hasn’t responded yet. My CRPS pain has returned and it is painful! I have been having burning pain and bone crushing pain in my foot. PCP wants me to use diclofenac gel, which I keep forgetting to use. It does help a little bit. They used it while I was in the hospital on the psych unit. They would put it on me. I wasn’t in a state to refuse. I just know they had it locked up in my room where they had a locked drawer. I thought that was kind of weird.

I had to take an Ativan today because my muscles were in spasm after I tried to wipe my ass. My back muscles just went berserk. It started with my side and then moved to my back. Now the spasms are in my neck. I hate it. Being cold in my room isn’t helping. Part of the reason I made soup was because I wanted something warm to eat. I can’t wait to have the Shepard’s pie. It has a lot of peas and carrots, more than meat. I kind of underestimated a pound of ground beef for the meal. I thought I would be getting a bigger package and I didn’t. I also need to make the spinach I bought. I bought baby spinach so I can have a salad.

I need to get a haircut. I think I will go next week before my birthday. I have PT on my birthday so I won’t be able to go that day. I hope PT is helpful for me and doesn’t cause me to regress. My back is so spastic at times. I really hope she will help with this.

any thoughts?

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