another early morning awakening

Another early morning awakening

I have been up since 0300. I just couldn’t go back to sleep once I woke up. I tried but gave up around 430. I paid some bills and then ordered breakfast as I was hungry. I was able to get back to sleep for a couple of hours after I ate. I took my meds before going back to sleep. I gave myself the T shot as today was the day it is to be given.

I made coffee. I have had two cups so far. I am making chicken wings right now. I was going to use the sticky sauce but there isn’t enough wings. I was supposed to get 10 pieces and only got 8. I am not happy with my order. I complained and got a refund. I am just going to put BBQ sauce on it and have rice with it.

I need to take a shower and brush my teeth. I stink. I swear my BO smells like pepper instead of BO. I don’t know why it smells different. It has been that way since I was in the hospital. I had the delusion I was being stuffed with pepperoni and fermented cheese because that is all I could smell, especially when I had that stupid NG tube in my nose. All I could smell was like a Romano or Parmesan cheese smell. It was weird but then I was psychotic.

My mother is coming home from the hospital. I hope she will be able to make it up the stairs to the living area of the house and where her bedroom is. We have the oxygen tanks down in my sister’s apartment right now. I guess will bring it up when she gets settled. I don’t know if she will need it or not or if it is just when she sleeps she needs it. I have the morning shift tomorrow. I think my niece will watch her in the afternoon. I have PT at 4 so will need to leave the house around 3. I tried doing the tennis ball thing on my back but it was really painful and then I hit a spot that sent pain down my back so I stopped doing it. I am supposed to do other exercises but I don’t remember what they were. I know they were back exercises or hip ones. They are all the same to me at this point. I really got to start sleeping with a pillow between my legs when I sleep as the strain is causing me hip pain. I keep forgetting to grab the pillow.

Tomorrow I need to go to the Square to pick up one of my meds. I need a refill on my Ativan but because I don’t have a valid ID right now, I can’t get it. The mail hasn’t arrived yet so maybe it will come today. I hate being without a valid license. It is my own fault as I forgot to renew when I came home from the hospital. Then when I remembered, I didn’t have the money right away to do the transaction because I tried to get caught up with my bills that are overdue. I am paying off each credit card a month at a time. The hard part is not charging back up again. I do need to get new glasses in the new year. I want to get transition lenses. I have no idea what happened to the pair I bought earlier this year. They seemed to have disappeared on me. I can’t even find the case they were in. I hope I didn’t lose them but I think I did.

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