a day of pain

A day of pain

I have been in pain all day with my back and rib muscles. I went to PT and we walked for six minutes. I did 1000 steps, stopping only one time because I got out of breath. My heart rate jumped to 154 when I was done. I had to sit and rest for a bit. Then the therapist worked on my rib cage muscles. They were sore and tight. I am completely exhausted.

I took a shower today and that really killed me. I thought about not going to PT but I forced myself to go. My back was flipping out in the shower. I took some meds to calm it down. Walking to the bus stop wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be. I still got out of breath though.

My PCP’s office sent me a message today about an amendment to my birth certificate. It is done and now I just need to file it with the courts or something. I got to click on the website the nurse sent me. I am so excited but now I can change my sex with the social security office. No longer will I have to put F in the sex category! I am so excited!!

I should sleep good tonight, I hope anyway. I still woke up around 3am last night to pee. It was difficult to get back to sleep but I did. Then I didn’t want to get up when my med alarm went off. I stayed in bed until 11 or so. I had two cups of coffee. I really didn’t eat anything until I came home after PT. I made a turkey sandwich. I had taken out pork chops but I didn’t feel like cooking. I will make them tomorrow for lunch.

I am going to try and stay up for another hour and then take my meds to go to bed. I am just really tired and in pain. My mood sucks. I am just completely done for the day.

any thoughts?

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