exhaustion and PT

Exhaustion and PT

I woke up later than I wanted to so I wasn’t able to shower before my PT appointment. My mother needed test strips for checking her blood sugar so I was up and down stairs a lot today. My heart rate got up to the 130s and stayed there for a while. I got dizzy a few times for some reason. I just drank water to compensate.

When I got to PT, my heart rate was still in the 130s. It went down after I rested a bit and did some back exercises. Then we went on the treadmill. I did ok though it wore me out. She also had me do a bike for a few minutes. I was so tired after PT. I walked fairly slow on the way home because I was so tired. I also got dizzy again when I came up the stairs. BP was ok so I am not sure why I am having dizzy spells.

I have therapy tomorrow. Not sure what to talk about. I’ll probably come up with something. I did have strong urges to OD the other night so might talk about that. Not really sure why I had the urges. They have been coming in waves. I could have easily acted on my urges but I thought about the consequences of the action.

I don’t think I am going to eat dinner tonight. I’m not sure what to have and I am not really hungry. I might just have an Ensure. I just had half a sandwich for lunch as I woke up late. I just have no appetite today. I am trying to stay up till at least 8pm. I am so tired right now I could fall asleep. Trouble is, if I do, then I will wake up around 2am and be up half the night. I don’t want that.

any thoughts?

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