Ugh kind of day

My mother had a bad afternoon. I had therapy. It went OK. I told her I was worried about my mother. I met with my pdoc and told him my mother’s prognosis. I told him I was tired. He increased my antidepressant. I see him in a few weeks.

I’ve been in pain most of the day with my stupid knee. No idea why it hurts. Ankle just started flaring up. My chest hurts. The muscles are killing me. I am glad I have PT tomorrow. So sick of being in pain. My pcp won’t see me until April. Fucking a.

I hope my aunts don’t come over tomorrow. The hospice nurse is coming and I really don’t want my aunt talking to her. Plus my niece and I can use a break from company.

My therapist’s dog made an appearance during session. He is so cute. At one point he just put himself in front of the camera. He was so funny. I had to laugh. He is a small white dog. A yapper though he has been good for a while now. I like when he joins. Makes me smile.

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