2 March 2023

I made a few phone calls today. Mostly just took care of my mother most of the day. Today was a better day.

I’ve been feeling tired most of the day despite two cups of coffee. I tried to watch the game but they weren’t calling the game I wanted so I shut the damn TV off. I got aggravated. The game wasn’t on the radio for some reason. We won so that is all that counts.

I’ve been feeling blah all day. I called my insurance company as they have a case manager thing and they will be looking for support groups for me. I have a meeting in about a half hour for FTM. I will check it out. It meets once a month over zoom. It will be my first meeting. I am kind of nervous.

I plan on taking a shower before bed but it depends when the group lets out. I might have to take it tomorrow. My leg is still sore from yesterday. My knee has been hurting all day. Every time I stood up, it hurt. Hope I am not getting arthritis.

I had to leave the group after an hour as I got triggered and got wicked anxious. They were talking about gender roles and I just couldn’t deal. I guess the dysphoria got the best of me. I just felt like even though I belonged there, I didn’t belong. Hopefully when I talk to my therapist Mon about it, I can sort it out. I just feel bad as the rest of the country is going ape shit over trans issues. Kentucky is the latest state to file a ban on trans youth. WTF. I am glad I live in Massachusetts.

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