Blah Wednesday

I woke up with my neck and shoulders hurting me. My knee was also bothering me. I have no idea what I did to it. I hope it isn’t osteoarthritis. It runs in the family.

I haven’t showered but I did go out to get my meds. I plan on showering before bed. I have 12 days before surgery. I realized I need to get my haircut before surgery and I have appts every day next week. I am kind of stressing out about it. My PT will end next week. I see my pcp to hopefully get my pain under control. My foot has its moments. It is a virtual appt after PT so I will have to be in the PT office area for the appt. I am hoping it won’t be cold that day so I can be outside.

Other than my neck and knee pain, I am feeling low. I am excited that my surgery is soon. I am worried about being in pain afterwards and not being able to sleep. The doctor wants me to move around after surgery so I don’t get blood clots. I think going up and down stairs will count as activity. I am so fricken excited.

I’ve been listening to Lady A. I love their music. I’ve been alternating between Taylor’s midnights. I think I am missing a few songs from the album. I am trying to get them. I don’t know if the songs are available for individual purchase or not. I hope I don’t have to get an album for each song. I love Taylor but not that much!

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