It’s only Tuesday??

It’s only Tuesday???

I can’t believe it is only Tuesday. I slept in really late. I didn’t get up till around 2pm. I just could not get going today. I miss my opportunity to get my meds so I have to go tomorrow as I am out of Effexor. It has started to have snow flurries. I don’t know if it is going to stick or not. Hopefully the commute tomorrow won’t be bad.

It is freezing in my room. I have the window open. I love the cold air. I got a message from my therapist this morning. It was to confirm that I need gender affirming surgery, period, for the benefit of my mental health. I am glad I have a good mental health team that are in sync with my needs. Hard to believe this time in two weeks I will be post op. I am kind of nervous, scared, and excited all at the same time. I hope I don’t get dog ears because I am overweight. I am trying to lose weight but it is so fucking hard. I have been cutting down what I eat but it makes no difference. The weight just won’t come off and I know it is because I am not active enough.

I need to shower and trim my beard. It is getting a little unruly. I don’t have many appointments this week. Just have PT on Thursday. It is a morning appointment so I hope I wake up for it. I plan on reading tonight after I take my meds. I didn’t do any reading last night because I was so tired from being up at 3am. I woke up in the middle of the night again as the wind was horrible and my room was so fucking cold as I still had the fan on. It’s 59F in my room right now. Chilly!

any thoughts?

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