day 1 post op top surgery

Day 1 post op Top surgery

I had a good couple of hours sleep during the morning. I was up every few hours as I had to take meds and empty my drains. The right side had a lot of drainage during the night. I don’t know how much because the stupid cups don’t really have the CCs on it. I can barely make it out. I am tired today so will just take it easy. I had a long wait in the pre op area. Surgery was scheduled at 1 but they case before me was difficult so I didn’t go in the OR until 4pm. I got home around 930pm. I am sore and in pain but doing ok otherwise.

I have some of my favorite movies out so I might watch them today. I am just going to take it easy. I am not as fatigued as I thought I would be so that is good. I am moving around. It is nice out so I might go on the porch for a little bit.

My mother is sleeping right now. She had her breakfast and then went back to bed. She usually does this. She is not as congested today, thank god.

I only had one cup of coffee so far today. I had breakfast. I had bought some breakfast sandwiches so that I can make something quick. It is a brand I didn’t buy before but it is good. I bought sausage and plain egg and cheese. They are in pita pockets. It is good.

I hope the week goes by fast. I am already not liking the compression vest. LOL It is tight but now too tight. Just not very comfortable. I keep coughing up some phlegm from the breathing tube. Not a lot but it is irritating my throat. Might have to use some cough drops later if it gets to much just to soothe it.

I am glad my aunt isn’t coming over today. She has a doctor’s appointment. I don’t know if the drama aunt will be coming over today. It is nice out so she might. I don’t think she knows I had surgery. I know I didn’t tell her. Going to go for a nap now. I am getting tired.

any thoughts?

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