Saturday Blog 08042023

Saturday Blog 08042023

I had a difficult night sleeping because I put the binder on too tight. It took several tries to get it on so I didn’t want to try and loosen it for fear of it not going back on. I thought about sleeping without it but I didn’t. When I got up to have my coffee, I took it off to take a break from it. I haven’t heard from visiting nurses so I don’t think they will be coming this weekend. I am not changing my bandage on the wound. I will change the other bandages tomorrow. I just am not up for it today.

I did my meds for the week. I have to refill my antidepressant next week. I am listening to the game. They are playing against the Tigers in Detroit. They have taken the lead 6-0 right now. Another 2 run homerun by Duvall and it’s 8-0 Sox!

I am tired. I feel so low in energy. I am sad most of the time. I keep thinking about my mother. I woke up to an empty house again. I don’t know if I am going to get used to it. I got used to having coffee with my niece. We would chit chat as my mother usually snoozed for her morning nap. It had become a routine. I would get up around 10 as my mother would take her morning nap. I would have coffee. Sometimes my mother would be up and I would drink my coffee with her as she did some puzzles or something. It has only been a few days since she died. I still look in her room to see if she is there. I miss her so much.

I want to at least wash my hair but the kitchen sink has some pans in it and crap. I refuse to clean it out. I can shower but I have to have someone pack the wound as I can’t do it myself. That is why I am waiting on nursing. I figure I try and time the shower to just before they come so that I am clean before putting on new bandages.

any thoughts?

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