things I should have done but didn’t

Things I should have done but didn’t today

Since getting my birth certificate amended, I haven’t done a thing with it. I need to go to the social security office and have my sex changed and call my former employer so I can get it changed on my health insurance. Problem is that I don’t know who to call for my former employer. I have a thing come in with the payment for my health insurance that says contact your leave coordinator but I don’t know if I have one as I am disabled. I am phone phobic and would like to just email someone but don’t know who. So I have stayed home rather than go to the social security office and made no phone calls. I also haven’t called PT to make an appointment. Someone was supposed to call me back and they haven’t yet. I am so fricken sad today that I just want to sleep. But I kept on having weird dreams so I got up.

I have been sending my cousin, who is a coffee drinker like me, a lot of funny coffee memes. I get them from Facebook and today they have been on fire. I have saved so many and sent like three to her. I have had three cups of coffee today and plan on having one more before the game tonight. Makes up for yesterday. I only had one cup yesterday and was in bed by 2030.

I want to work on my book today. I plan on writing about the top surgery process I went through. I meant to write it while I was recuperating after surgery but things got urgent with my mother dying a week post op. The binder today is testing my patience. I want to take it off so bad but I don’t want fluid to accumulate. I took an hour break and now I am fighting myself with putting it back on because my back is so fricken itchy. Eventually, I will write about all of this in my book.

I woke up really sad today. I’ve tried to push through it. I wanted to nap but couldn’t. I’ve done nothing productive today. I did make a cheeseburger for my lunch. I haven’t eaten anything else. It is getting late so I probably will just have an Ensure when I take my night meds. I am out of my supplements so it is just the Latuda and senna that I have been taking. I hope I can stay awake for the game tonight. Bello is pitching. It can be a really good pitcher’s duel or a slug fest. All depends on if he has his stuff. We lost last night and I wasn’t happy. Pivetta sucks so bad. I am glad I didn’t hear more than what I did the first inning of the game. It was an awful start to the game.

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