Seems whatever has been going around in my family, I got. Been running fevers and feeling awful.


I haven’t been thinking much about what to write on my blog. Yesterday I went to the neuro-opt for my eyes. They couldn’t find anything wrong so chances are the reason for my blurriness is caused by migraine activity. I will need to get new glasses and then hopefully that will solve the problem.

Seems like my birthday has been cancelled. I am bummed out. With Everyone being sick it wouldn’t make sense. I’m not much for being in a party mood anyways.


I have been craving a meatball and black olive pizza. I might order it today but I doubt I can eat it as my throat is so sore. It’s rainy out so no chance of me going outside. I feel too crappy anyways. I just drank some chamomile tea. I hope it makes me feel better.  I have to take a shower sometime today as I have been sweating on and off and just feel miserable. I’m hoping a shower will help, least the steam can help my nose. My temperature is climbing back up.


I might type up some article I wrote later today. Depends on if I feel up to it or not. Article has to do with the stigma of suicide.

any thoughts?

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