random things 2

I wrote a lot today. And have had exciting news. Two of my blogs have had good success today. My paper on adequate pain control and suicide and my other blog post about a morning post got viewed as “required reading” by a new counseling website that cited the Masters in counseling site! I am in the top 100 website for bipolar and depression. I am very excited.

I got my coffee today. Kati Kati has been discontinued. I am saddened by this but Starbucks does not disappoint. I now have my Hawaiian Ka’u blend back. I think it is a fall favorite as they have had it for the past two years now. It gave me the jolt I needed to get four pages done on my manuscript for the book I am writing.

It is a chilly day today. I am back to wearing my winter pajamas as the temp has dropped. I haven’t eaten anything since last night. I am afraid to because my gastritis flared up after having pork. Though I love the taste, it does not agree with my GI tract. I was up half the night in severe stomach pain. Luckily, I didn’t get the runs.

I had a hard time sleeping last night. I had the NEED to write so that is what I did. I started writing in one journal and then I switched to another journal. I didn’t want to open my laptop because I usually end up on Facebook and then it’s goodbye Joe. I don’t get anything done but I am still up half the night. I slept late, till around ten in the morning. I was hoping my therapist might have a session open but she doesn’t. I was supposed to go to the movies with a friend and that busted as he was called into work. We worked out that Sunday we will see the Butler. I have no idea what this movie is about. I will find out Sunday when I go.

I had a hard time writing in my journal while at Starbucks today. All the buzz around my blog made it difficult to concentrate. I guess I was distracted because I have to go food shopping and I hate it. Though I really don’t have anything to buy. I just want to get ingredients to make pumpkin cupcakes. I love pumpkin. I can’t wait till pumpkin spice lattes are back in Starbucks.

Because I didn’t have therapy today, I took the day off from analyzing my grief. But I wrote about it in my book, a little bit anyways. I still feel like I have a huge weight on my chest. Maybe if I talk a little more about the grief it will go away. I copied the blog I wrote “loss of self” into my therapist’s new notebook. I excluded some things where I rambled for a little bit. I think that she should know about this blog. I sent it to her but she might not read it before our next session as it is pretty long.

I have been in an up mood most of the day. I am feeling proud of myself for accomplishing something big with my blog. I hope that people find it useful and that new therapists do too.

any thoughts?

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