Book Review: After the First Death

Book Review: After the First Death

This book was written by my favorite author, Lawrence Block. It is a murder mystery like most of his novels. This was an older book of his as the background was probably late sixties/early seventies. I thought it might have been a Matt Scudder series book that I have not read but I was mistaken soon as the murder became apparent. You were still guessing the identity of the guy four chapters into the book. You found out that he had murdered someone before, in the same manner but was freed due a technicality. And now was faced with the same situation. He had killed a prostitute in a black out in his previous conviction and now was placed in the same situation.

The book was interesting and I was wondering at many points throughout the book where the story was going. You were guessing right until the end what was going to happen next. I really liked this book for its twists and turns. The ending was something of a surprise. But you have to leave it to the author for his surprises!

any thoughts?

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