Trying an experiment. Seeing if I can go a month of writing, even if i only post a pic or something.

Pain has been with me all day. woke up at 3 am in pain and had on and off sleep until I got up around 1 or 2 PM. My days have melded together. Realized last night i took Tuesdays pills on Monday. It is the same pills so no big deal.

New med has helped decrease my pain but flares still happen though not as intense. Sunday into Monday i had insomnia was up 28 or so hours straight. Pain was intense for 20 of those hours. I was in a bad space. Was writing my psych like every couple of hours. Then I wrote something but I didn’t send it right away. Sent it after the insomnia attack and after I had a good sleep. Think I sent it last night. I am not sure. Anyway, she didn’t say anything. Apparently I sent her two emails with the same stuff. Oops. She wanted me to call her. I called and we spoke for a while. It was about my living situation and how I am supposed to be doing stuff but can’t because pain is killing me. She said she will write me a doctor’s note for my family to let me alone. It is sort of funny now but she meant it. She also doesn’t want me to kill myself over this. I have mixed feelings about this. Too deep to go into tonight.

Ankle went on me while I went to bathroom. Going up the stairs was so much fun. I barely made it to my bed. Both calves have been hurting so I put the heating pad on. It helped some. My right knee has been hurting most of the day. No idea what I did. Bet anything it is because of the balance exercises. Probably doing them wrong or too long.

Going to stop here. Will write more tomorrow. It is a goal.

any thoughts?

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