Sunday Blog 28 April 2019

Sunday blog 28 April 2019

I had slept most of the day and woke up not knowing the day of the week it was. I have been having an awful last few days. Yesterday I spent the day in bed because I didn’t go to sleep till 4 am. I got into a fight with my sisters around 1330, which flared up my pain and sunk my mood so low I didn’t think I was going to survive. Today I am in the same awful mood. I had met with my psych Friday and she said I needed to be in the hospital but I told her I didn’t want to be. She stressed the word “need” again. I gave an explanation that I was not sure I could trust my family with my things while I was inpatient, I didn’t think it would help matters, and would only annoy me all the more. I remember my last hospitalization caused me more pain than it helped alleviate. Hell, the night before I got discharged, I was in a wheelchair as my ankle went out me. I had so many flares because even though there were no stairs, things weren’t exactly close. It was a walk to get from my room to the kitchen or group room. Walking several times a day hurt me and my pain flared up at night. I won’t want to go through that again, especially when I don’t have my meds by the bedside. I will be at basically the mercy of the nurse to dispense what she/he could. I also doubt with the new laws in place, I can get my pain medication like I can. I don’t even know if psych hospitals can prescribe pain meds anymore. I really don’t want to be admitted to find this out then be screwed for three days until I can be discharged.

Plus with my mother constantly being in the living room now, it woud be extremely hard for me to leave without her knowing. I mean if I bring down a big backpack it will raise some eyebrows. So I won’t be going in. I swore the last time I was discharged the only way I would be admitted would be if I failed at an attempt. I am close to attempting any day now but I only stop because I put time between me and the attempt. I am hanging off a thread right now and I don’t know when that thread is going to break. I got into another row with my mother. I had wanted to go through some stuff in my room but after that argument, my ankle pain returned. Seems like whenever I get frustrated and angry, my pain increases lately. Stress can cause a flare when you have CRPS and I have been stressed to the maxed.

I am seeing the social worker tomorrow. She is just a social support right now until I see a therapist, whenever that may be. I have so many worries right now. My friends have been great listening to me but I worry I will be too much for them. I am worrying the crap out of my psych. It was one of the first few things she said when I saw her on Friday, not like I haven’t given her anything to worry about. I sent her a message last night that I wasn’t going to email her anymore yet I wanted to today for some reason. I held off. I think I am just going to write on paper what I want to send her and then it will be out of my system. I don’t remember half of what I tell her and often have to read the sent message as I am not sure I sent her something and what it entailed. I know when it is bad when she calls me when she gets it. I paged her the other night around 9pm because my mood was horrible due to pain being really bad. I just have not been in good space since the end of March. Honestly have no idea why or how I am still alive as my suicidality has been up and down like the weather. I seriously thought last night I would end it. Only thing keeping me from doing it was being in my room. I know that sounds dumb but as much as I have animosity toward my family right now, I don’t want them finding me dead. My middle sister really needs to stop going off about me in front of my mother. I don’t understand why she just doesn’t say what she wants to in front of my fucking face. It’s not like I can’t hear her. She is screaming so I can hear her. Just because my door is closed doesn’t mean sound doesn’t go through. I am so sick of walking on eggshells in my house. I am damned if I do and damned if I don’t. And the stress of it is causing me so much pain. I think the new dose of the pain meds is helping now that I remembered to switch out the lower dose for the higher dose. I woke up one morning and was wondering why there was a blue pill in my box rather than the red one. I am such an idiot. Today was probably the first time in forever I woke up without serious pain. I am in pain now but I think it is only because of the earlier argument with my mother. Hope eventually I will stay at a 2 or 3. I know the pain meds won’t 100% take my pain away but at least it will be tolerable.

I am going to pack a bag just in case I need to go in the hospital. I am not sure where I will keep it. I don’t want to lock it in my room where my sisters can’t bring it to me if I don’t go in on my own. I got to be more vigilant about locking the door when I leave so no one does go in my room. It is my only haven right now. If I do decide to go into the hospital, it will have to be after Wed when my next shot is scheduled. I don’t want to risk missing a dose due to stupidity on the floor. It might take more than a day for all my meds to be worked out (hoping my pain meds won’t be one of them). I just hope one of my pillows can be packed in the bag. Hospital pillows suck.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Blog 28 April 2019

  1. I can relate all to well… I’m in that place right now…. literally on 72hr hold and my therapist called them…. I understand and I text him but still rather pissed …

    My pain IS OUT OF CONTROL and the opioid war is trying to make me a casualty ….

    The Er doc wanted to give me Tylenol!!! I have two autoimmune arthritis plus migraines plus fibromyalgia plus radiating pain and disc herniations and on

    I was on narcotics for 12 years without addiction or euphoria or misusing my pain contract etc but everyone is scared and defensive etc etc so now I’m in insufferable pain…feels like no one cares besides my therapist and yeh…

    I also have bipolar and ptsd

    Just know your not alone


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