Back pain, sleeping, and feeling like shit

Back pain, sleeping, and feeling like shit

I woke up with my back hurting me. I have no idea if it was due to rain (probably) or the way I was sleeping. I slowly got up to take my meds and use the bathroom. I got back to my room and my upper back was cramping. I think I must have taken an Ativan because I didn’t wake up until my stupid mother called around 2 asking where I was. Fucking sleeping. Leave me alone!! I called her back around 3 and she wanted to know what was for dinner. She asked if I wanted raviolis or spaghetti. I wasn’t in a sauce mood so I said macaroni and cheese the way she does it. She makes elbow macaroni then puts American cheese on top, microwaves for 50 seconds and boom, dinnah! She said yes to that.

I got up and was mad she woke me up. I hate when I get into these sleeping modes. It is like I can’t get out of them. I had wanted to get up around noon to possibly make some eggs and then work on my book but that wasn’t happening, least not right now. I went through the book and put tabs in the book where there were corrections to be made. I also put an arrow in the mark if the next page also needed corrections. I didn’t want to use up all my Post It things. I will probably order another package or get them at Walgreens the next time I go.

I made supper and there were different dishes all over the counter. I had to put away some when my mother came in the kitchen while I was making the elbows. I had a pop tart to hold me over. I wasn’t very hungry today. I don’t know where my appetite went. I got to see if maybe it is a side effect of T (doubtful). Maybe lowering the dose of my mood stabilizer caused my appetite to be lower. I don’t know. It has been low since the whole sodium thing started. I have lost 8 pounds, if my scale is right. I don’t know what it will be at the doctor’s office. I swear they add weight so you are heavier than you are. If they didn’t cost to much, I would buy one just to see. I don’t see my PCP until January. It will be at the new location, which means I have to go to another way to the office and will be a bitch when I have to get my pain meds. I am going to see if he will give them to me when I see him so I don’t have to come back. I hope he won’t be a dick about this. But I don’t think so as I will just be getting my scripts a couple weeks before I see him.

I don’t know if I mentioned this, but I joined a writing community on Twitter. My followers have jumped over 200 follows since I joined. For the first day or two, I was struggling to follow back those that followed me. OMG it was nuts and my mentions went berserk! I am glad I joined because there are people I can talk to about writing and publishing and all things related. I was talking to someone last night about my book that I am editing. She was encouraging but when I brought up that it was on mental illness, the encouragement kind of dropped. It is a hard area for people. I gave them the link to my memoir and there were more mentions/notifications, LOL. OMG this community is great. I hope to get pointers and stuff. I responded to a publisher that was looking for someone to write their blog. They wanted me to write a blog about what got me into writing, a bio, and a picture. I don’t know if I want to do all that for a blog. I don’t really like how I look. I really don’t know what got me into writing and I certainly don’t have a bio. Just so many things to do and I hate it. I have to think about it. I really don’t want my bio on the web, though I am sure it is already out there, without my consent. Hell, people are trying to buy medical data and law enforcement has gone through my medical records because of the meds I take. I don’t like that at all. It pisses me off. I am sure if the members of congress had to have their records scrutinized by the police, they would have thought more (I hope) about the stupid PMPD or whatever it is called that gives them access. This is all without warrants!! Fucking stupid Congress has to GO. Hope it happens soon!

2 thoughts on “Back pain, sleeping, and feeling like shit

  1. Hi it is on Twitter with the hashtag writerscommunity all one word. So if you write something on Twitter and say want more followers or want an opinion that is writing related, writing the question and then in the same tweet use #writerscommunity. That is how I find these thing on Twitter and meet people. There is a DIF community as well. Just use hashtag DID. Hope this is helpful


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