Saturday Blog 15 Dec 18

Saturday Blog 15 Dec 18

I just realized the month is half-way over and I have yet to change the calendar to Dec. Oh well. I didn’t sleep yesterday. I was up for about 21 hours since Thursday and then tried to crash when I got home from my psychiatrist appointment. Because I didn’t sleep and wake up as early as I wanted to, getting a urine sample proved to be impossible. After 2 hours, I left and the emailed my psych telling her I would drop it off Monday. She said the blood and urine had to be same day. Oh well. Next time, I won’t go to the lab unless I know I am going to pee because my damn bladder retention sucks! And it gets worse when it sees a cup or there are noises around. I just can’t relax to go. I tried and tried and nothing was working. I even went to another building’s bathroom and nothing! So hard. Then when I got home, it took a while to pee. I have been feeling off. I really didn’t eat anything yesterday except a protein bar at 3 or 330 am. I just wasn’t hungry. I wanted to have a burrito when I came home but I wanted to sleep, too. I had another protein bar and then took my night meds an hour early though I really didn’t get to sleep until my mother went to bed, like usual.

I was fricken freezing since I came home and could not get warmed up. I had to put the Red Sox throw on my bed. That helped. But then in the middle of the night, I had to take it off because I was fricken hot. I was able to go right back to sleep and then a couple hours later, I woke up with my bladder ready to explode. Oh now you work??!! It was 5 am. I went downstairs and then went back up. I checked my phone for messages and surprisingly, I laid back down and passed out again. I woke up again a few minutes before my morning med alarm. I took my meds and used the bathroom because my bladder was ready to explode again. I thought I would eat but I was too tired. My mother was cleaning out the back porch so the living room was a disaster area. I didn’t see her. I just used the bathroom and then went back up to bed. I wanted to make cookies but I fell back to sleep and then when I woke up, I was too tired to do anything. My stomach was bothering me, probably for lack of food. I went easy. I had some toast. Then made some ramen noodles and a cup of tea. I started sneezing in the kitchen after I ate. Some thing was making me sneeze but I have no idea what. I went back upstairs hoping to finish editing my book but was too tired. I took another nap. I was cold and hot off and on. My throat was hurting but it was okay swallowing. I think my mother stirring up the dust on the porch just set off my allergies. Or I am getting a cold. So much for testosterone causing energy. I haven’t had a decent sleep routine since the Sox won the World Series. I am either not sleeping or sleeping too much. If I was hypomanic, that would explain some things but I am not. I feel down most of the time. Maybe it is depression. I don’t see my psychiatrist until after the new Year.

After my psych appointment, I got my haircut again. I want to start shaving the sides and back again. When I am going to start this again, I don’t know. I wanted to start today but I don’t feel like it. I need to shower. One thing that might be gross to say is that my sweating has changed. I stink more now than I did before. I showered Wed and I smell like I haven’t in a week. I was so tired yesterday that when I came home, I didn’t even wash my hair so if there are hair clippings on my bed, I don’t care. I will try to shower tomorrow. I know I am just playing sleep catch up since I slept poorly yesterday and then was basically on the go all day. I left the house around 930 and didn’t come home till around 5ish. Long day on 3 hours sleep and no food.

I thought with the start of my transition and taking selfies, it would make me not think I am an ugly faced person. But I was going through my gallery of pics and all I kept saying was how awful I look in the pics, even with me semi-smiling. I was going to show off my haircut but I really didn’t feel like it. I wasn’t feeling well anyways. I would just look like a grump.

any thoughts?

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