Random thoughts past few days

Random thoughts passed few days

Thoughts from June 10th. Meant to post them but I got stuck…

I went to bed late as I was watching a TV series based on Neil Gaiman’s book, Good Omens. I watched the first episode. It helped with my pain as it was a good distraction. I plan on watching episode two tonight. I woke up around 930 when my med alarm went off. I took my meds then used the bathroom. The urine smelled and was cloudy. I just thought it was because it was the first void of the day. I went back to my room and tried to sleep. My sister sent me a text and it annoyed me. She was telling what to do. Sorry, I don’t listen to you. When I responded, she just said that I should put my stuff in the bin. Sorry, not happening. I never answered her text and then when she saw me after she came home from work, she didn’t say anything about what she texted me about. I didn’t either as I didn’t feel like fighting with her.

I had taken a nap around 1 pm and woke up at 3 pm. Again my urine was cloudy and smelled so I called my doc as I think I have a UTI. Hope it isn’t a bladder infection. I had trouble getting the urine out this morning as it was a weak stream. Not sure if I emptied completely. It is starting to worry me. I know since being home from the hospital I haven’t been drinking as much.

Thoughts June 12 2019

I’ve been sleeping most of the day. Yesterday was difficult. My pcp’s nurse got in touch with me and told me to drink cranberry juice even though I said I had a nerve injury so normal UTI symptoms do not happen with me. I got really mad and decided that after PT I would go to the urgent care down the street from me that is affiliated with my hospital.

Had my session with PT. I had to pee but knew if I did it would be hours to go again so held it. My PT said I had good range of motion in my ankle and graduated me to a heavier band for some of the exercises. She also gave me new ways to stretch my calf as I told her that has been the biggest son of a bitch the whole time I in the hospital. Every day I worked on it a little bit and every day it gave me grief. She said it could have been fatigued because of the walking around the unit and such. So after this and new balance exercises, I made a few more appts and left.

While I was in session the nurse called me, saying he spoke with my doc and my doc wanted me to have some tests done. Really?! No shit! I had them done and around 6 PM my results come in, 15 mins later my doc sends me a provider letter saying I have a UTI. I was waiting for the antibiotics to be filled at the pharmacy. By then, I was having blood in my urine and the pain was unreal. I don’t think I emptied my bladder because of the pain. I had to go three different times and blood was in the toilet and stuff, scaring the hell out of me. I was also having cramps which I wasn’t sure if it was due to bladder or uterus. A doctor friend it was most likely due to my pelvis being inflamed that the uterus was angry too. I felt better about that. I had gotten up the last time for the night and thank God I was wearing a diaper because I lost control of my bladder. I had taken an OTC urinary pain med. It makes the urine orange and it still is even though it has been more than 13 hours since my last dose.

I wanted to shower today but slept all day instead. I didn’t go to sleep till around 4 am. Kept having weird dreams throughout the day. I missed a survey that was the 3 o’clock one. I just slept right through it. My sister called sometime around 5 and scared the shit out of me with her ringtone. It is Bon Jovi’s born to be my baby and it is fucking loud!
I went back to sleep after doing the 5 o’clock survey and finally got up around 7 when the next one came in. I wanted to take my night meds. I had already taken the T shot sometime around 2 am. I just had a hard time sleeping. Mostly because of bladder pain. It was also hot in my room so I couldn’t get comfy.

My psych rescheduled her appt with me for Fri. I don’t see her till Mon. I have a lot of appts next week (if this is a repeat, sorry). I have my new therapist appt next week, seeing the orthotic guy, and PT. Four appts total. I am going to be crushed.

any thoughts?

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