Another short blog

Having a difficult week. Good news is my psych still wants to work with me when she finds a home. She said she needs some time for herself to make the move to some place.

Things at home are getting worse. Stress is killing me and I often feel like I am walking on eggshells.

Pain has been really bad today and I had practically no sleep again last night. Kept waking up hot then cold. I didn’t want to go to PT but I did. I am still paying for it. Severe pain in my CRPS ankle all day. Don’t think it even got below an 8, even with pain meds. Back also has been hurting big time. I can sit but only for so long. Standing is about 6 mins before it starts up. Pain is going down my left leg, which has activated PTSD for me. Intrusive memories and sometimes flashbacks with dissociation. Just feel out of it and been having double vision past few days. I need an eye exam but have been putting it off. Now I no longer can. Will try and call tomorrow if I remember.

Here are some kittens wrapped up in blankets in a baby bin thing. They are so cute.

any thoughts?

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